Five on Friday: The week in pictures

1. A friend of mine who’s a food writer for the local paper tweeted a recommendation for a canning cookbook which reminded me that I had it on the shelf. The book is called “Food in Jars” and it’s perfect for those days when you have just an hour to spend messing around in the kitchen. The recipes are simple, make only small batches, and don’t require specialty equipment.

Craig and I went to the farmer’s market last weekend so I took a little bit of time and pickled a few jars of purple cauliflower and, on a whim, some red, sweet cherries.  They’re supposed to cure for about a week so I’m looking forward to breaking them open for a taste in a few days.



2. In the “just try and see how you like it” category, Tommy is joining the junior varsity football team at his new high school. His only prior experience with the game is pictured below (thanks, NotNed, for sending it to me) in an ill-fated flag football experience during elementary school affectionately known as The Season of the Bad News Bears.

It may or may not have scarred him and his dad/coach for life.

He survived the first two days of weight room orientation this week and will begin working out in earnest (4 days a week) in July. I’m learning how to be a hands-off mom (he lost cool points when I walked in with him to the weight room on the first day – he quickly and summarily dismissed me) and he’s learning that it’s not as bad as he thought it would be.

 3.  The boys attended the end of year 8th grade “gala” which meant they were required to dress nicely.  (I tried to die on the “dress nicely for school dances” hill at the beginning of middle school but once I realized they were only going for the $1 pizza, track pants were really quite acceptable.)

JJ didn’t want to mess with trying on clothes so I bought an assortment of ties and dress shirts from which he could choose and I got a little misty at how grown-up he looked as he headed out the door.




4.  I finished my quilt top early this week and the seams almost matched.  There’s one that makes me twitchy but considering all the places it could have gone wrong, I’m going to learn to live with imperfection and move on.  I’ve also learned that I will never love the quilting part and so it’s going to be quilted by check.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.



5.  I cut four inches off my hair yesterday.  It was time.


And I didn’t have time to put on makeup or shower or in any way get presentable before taking the picture this morning but this is as good as it’s ever going to look because I haven’t washed it yet.

And a big “thank you” to the filters on Camera + for sort of hiding the worst of the bags under my eyes. 


Have a nice day. 


3 responses to “Five on Friday: The week in pictures

  1. Your quilt! It’s so cute! Let me quilt for you, sometime. I love that part. Usually. When I’m not (ahem) using my not very nice words at my sewing machine. It’s okay, though. She can take it. I might’ve been a bit misty at seeing C help J with his tie.

    Cute hair, gf. I don’t notice any eye baggage at all. Would that my eyes would even open as wide as yours are normally. Oh, but I have other gifts. Yeah….that’s the ticket.


  2. I would love to try the cauliflower one!
    Your hair looks really good!
    And oh my what a handsome young man, & I love Craig standing behind him to tie it!
    I would think that your biggest “boy” would scare the other team just with his size! But the workouts will be really good for discipline (maybe when they do field workouts you could borrow a car & park just close enough to use binoculars…)

  3. Re #4: The charm of hand made (okay, sewing machine made, but made by a human, one piece at a time) is an item’s imperfections! I’m a knitter and when discussing (whining) a mistake I’d made recently in a complicated cable pattern, another knitter friend asked me, “Can you see the mistake from a galloping horse??” Ah-ha moment right there. Nope, the miss crossed cable would not be spotted from a galloping horse. And the lovelies I’m knitting for, they know that auntie knits for them because she loves them, not because she does so perfectly! Quilt on! 🙂

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