Five on Friday (with no pictures because I can’t find my cord)

If anyone has seen the charging cord for my phone, feel free to let me know where it is.  And I’ve already looked in the car, my purse, the other purse, the kids’ rooms, and the scary basket that holds all the junk with no home.

It might be important at this point to tell the moms to either text or email if you need me today because I’m having to use the iPad until I have time to drive the car somewhere for half an hour to charge my phone because Toyota doesn’t think I’d want to charge it with the engine off.  People, please stop making decisions for me.

1.  I had to go to the dentist this week for a non-routine visit.  It started with a bad toothache two weeks ago and I managed to tough it out for a good long while hoping that the “wish it away” strategy would work and, sadly, it failed me.  So I called Gina on Tuesday to see if I could get an appointment and she said, “Oh, I can fit you right in today” and would you believe I told her no because it didn’t give me enough time to emotionally prepare for going in?

Yep, two-week toothache and I still needed a couple of days to gear up psychologically.

Somewhere there’s a therapist in need of a patient.

Or a village in search of its idiot.

So the appointed day came and I arrived and he took a x-ray and asked some questions and poked around and the good news is it wasn’t a bad tooth but was instead a perfect storm caused by bad sinuses, swollen ligaments, and jaw clenching (which  apparently I’m doing and didn’t realize it until he had me hold my tongue between my teeth and my jaw muscles started firing like crazy).

News flash. They aren’t supposed to do that.


So now I have antibiotics, decongestants, a round-the-clock Advil regimen, and jaw exercises to see if I can’t stop grinding my molars.

PS – He also said the occasional glass of wine and a deep breath wouldn’t hurt as well.  

I might actually love my dentist.

2.  I put a sign on the bulletin board that hangs above my workspace.  In big bold letters it says, “CALM THE HECK DOWN.” (see #1)

3.  Our Sunday School class is doing a summer video series about priorities. One of the recommendations the speaker gave was “make first things first” and start your day with a quiet time.  Mornings never have been my strong suit and when I’ve had a semi-consistent quiet time, it’s been easier to do it at night before I go to sleep.  The problem with the strategy, though, is that I forget by morning-time what I was going to change or do different.  So this week, I’ve switched up my quiet time to first thing in the morning while I’m drinking coffee and before I peruse the usual news sites, social media feeds, and Pinterest and it’s been a better play and I’ve been able to think about/put into practice what I’ve read right away (and James has a lot for a person to think about and put into practice).

4.  I bought a specialized cutting tool for a quilt and have the inkling that it’s the first step down a deep, dark rabbit-hole.

Though that step might have come earlier when I was pulling out my stash pile for a scrappy quilt and set aside a particular quarter-yard of fabric because “it’s too special for scrappy.”

5.  On a personal note, wishing the happiest of Father’s Days to my precious dad.  Many of my friends have lost their fathers and I feel very fortunate that he is in good health, is active, engaged, busy, and enjoying a wonderful life.  I am grateful to still have him to lean on, to talk to, seek advice, and learn from. He loves the Lord, his wife, and his children and is well-respected in his community.  He is a good, good man and I’m proud to be his.

I love you, Daddy.

Have a nice day.





3 responses to “Five on Friday (with no pictures because I can’t find my cord)

  1. I love that you call him “Daddy”, still. I know that’s kind of a regional thing, but it seems the term of endearment is so fitting, indeed.

    There are wineries in W WA that we should investigate together. See if your DDS will write a ‘script for that. Please. Related: My dentist always asks me if I’m wearing my bite guard at night. At which point I educate him on the difference between being an idea person & a follow through person.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the quilt!!

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve visited. Super happy to see another person taken by the quilting bug. 🙂 It is a big, fun, creative rabbit hole — and people will gush about your talent all while you secretly know it’s not perfect.

  3. We need to meet for coffee…and it just might have to be decaf. I love the sign…wish I could actually ‘achieve’ the sign. ❤

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