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Five on the 4th

1. Happy 4th of July! We are grilling and chilling at the house. Craig has a brisket on the smoker, the macaroni salad is cooling in the fridge, the watermelon is cut and ready to go, and after we’ve had our fill, we’re going to watch the nearby fireworks display to cap off a fun, relaxing day.

DSC_0076 (2)

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2. The kids have enjoyed a restful first week of vacation. We’ve been to the swimming pool, the barber shop for muuuuch needed haircuts, Toy R Us to spend birthday money, and to the bank to deposit allowance money the old-fashioned way. Yes, I know they’ll probably exclusively bank on-line for the rest of their lives but I’m old school and, much like my grandfather, enjoy knowing the tellers and bank managers personally.

Besides, I wasn’t quite convinced the boys knew how to fill out a form and needed to witness it firsthand.

3.  One of my summer priorities is to put more work into building the kids’ spiritual foundation.  We are faithful to take them to church and youth functions and pray with and over them here at home but disciplined daily Bible study time hasn’t been something that any of us has been doing with regularity.  I was challenged by a Sunday School lesson about a month ago to redevelop the habit and have managed to stay on track since then and now that the kids are with me a little more during the day, I’m trying to help them do the same.  I went to LifeWay and bought each of us a workbook and we’re going through the Henry Blackaby “Experiencing God” study together.  Each day after lunch, we do the lesson together and say the Bible verse to each other.  It takes about 10-15 minutes and some are more cheerful than others about doing it, but I’m praying the truths seep in and take deep hold.

4.  She will be mad that I blogged about this because she is not one to toot her own horn but I have to mention that my beautiful mother was recognized last week at an awards ceremony for her volunteer work with at-risk children. She continues to be an example to me of how age and season in life are no excuse to not be involved in the lives of others.  She is the most humble, dedicated, tenacious, committed, giving person I know.  Mom, I’m so proud of you.

Mom (left) receiving her award from the Director of Gabriel House.  Photo credit: Duncan Banner

Mom (left) receiving her award from the Director of Gabriel House. Photo credit: Duncan Banner

5.  In other news, I got a new camera last week that has a little more firepower than the iPhone.  I have a vision that it will improve the quality of pictures on the blog but don’t get your hopes up because in reality it’s a lot easier to upload phone camera images than the ones out of the real camera and we all know how I feel about convenience.  I’ve taken a few snapshots here and there (who’s interested in my lunch avocado?) to get a feel for how to use it and I’m still on autofocus because I haven’t learned enough to be comfortable in manual mode but I think I’m going to enjoy using it.

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Happy 4th of July.