Five Minute Friday

In what can only be described as a complete and utter lapse of reason, Craig and I gave in to two years of begging and brought home the first puppy of our married life for these boys that we clearly love more than our furniture.


Her name is Stella which wasn’t my first choice but all the menfolk nixed Miss Bennett as “too girly” and “too long” so we went with Stella so they could channel their inner Brando every time they called her.

She barked all.night.long the first week we brought her home and have I mentioned that I got the idea to get her while Craig was in California for the week and I was the only adult to get up three times a night to let her out for 4 days straight? And, of course, the first night he came back she didn’t make a whimper and hasn’t since.

As typical with the Scates children, she adores Craig and goes into our room every morning to greet him even though I’m the one who feeds her, walks her, trains, and treats her. BUT I AM NOT BITTER.


We are in the process of socializing her and she adores little kids, is okay with the one dog she’s met thus far, and liked hanging out on the sidewalk at the corner bakery. She’s met the mailman, the neighbors, and several friends and, so far, so good.


Car rides? Not so much.


Sleeping? She’s a champ.

Welcome home, Stella. Please stay adorable and please don’t eat my couch.

Have a nice day.


6 responses to “Five Minute Friday

  1. She is so darn cute! Our dog may or may not have bed privileges, which may or may not vex my husband. However, when he comes home on Friday nights, she leaps over my body and hurls herself to her favorite person. Can’t tell me he doesn’t get a lift out of that. Chew toys with something inside (like a baby Kong with pb) will save your couch and pretty shoes.

  2. Oooo ooooo ooooo!!!! I just want to squeeze her. I forgive you for not blogging because PUPPY!

  3. OMGoodness she’s adorable! You’ll want to give her away a few times in the first year but hang in there!!!

  4. Think pack of dogs. You are the caregiver. Craig is the Alpha. This means that she will respond the best to discipline from Craig. Which means he needs to be the bad guy. And the last time I checked, those who beg for a dog get to take care of the dog.

  5. God makes puppies super cute for a reason : ) She’s adorable! My daughter has a new rescue greyhound, and I’m in love. Not ready yet for a puppy, but getting there. Also, I think in a house filled with teenagers, a dog helps takes some of the edge off. Just sayin’

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