Random Randomness: End of Summer edition

When it’s been a couple of months since writing anything, it’s always a challenge to know where to start. Maybe a little summer catch-up is in order.

1. The boys took (and passed) Driver’s Ed.  There’s nothing that’ll make your life flash before your eyes quicker than putting your baby who just got out of diapers yesterday behind the wheel and letting them go 10 mph in the school parking lot.  You see things you’ve never noticed before, namely THAT GIANT LIGHT POLE that is rapidly approaching the front of your bumper.  J wasn’t having any of our instructions, preferring to let “trained professionals” teach him the proper way to handle the car and Tommy proclaimed he felt so alive at the thought of freedom being close at hand. (He also said freedom would feel a little better if the car they’d given him to drive would’ve had a little more leg and head room.)


2. The canning bug bit hard this year.  I’ve put up green beans, peaches, tomatoes, marinara sauce, potatoes, sweet-hot jalapenos, dill pickles, bread and butters, corn relish, sweet and dill relish, raspberry jam, blueberry-lime jam, peach jelly,  and several quarts of soup and beans for the winter.  It’s an obsession, I tell ya’.  So, so, so much fun.



3. In travel news, I took a girl’s trip to NYC for a long weekend.  It was my second trip there – the first time was 15 years ago when we lived in DC and Craig and I popped up for a 24 hour trip while my mother in law and Craig’s sister kept the boys for us. (We spent most of that time sleeping without three babies waking us up every thirty minutes so I don’t remember much about the trip.)  This time, though, we saw a couple of Broadway shows (American in Paris as well as Wicked), did a lot of sightseeing and people watching, shopped for clothes and makeup at Bloomingdales, and, my favorite event, eating.  We ate at a sketch hole in the wall Thai place that was fabulous, several Italian restaurants (pistachio cake, hello), and I broke my no-wheat pledge to snarf down a bagel (or two…okay, it was three) from Ess A Bagel because it’s a crime not to do so otherwise.

IMG_1415IMG_1393IMG_1371IMG_13984. I have spent the remainder of the summer losing weight from that trip. Ahem.

Have a nice day.


2 responses to “Random Randomness: End of Summer edition

  1. offthebeatenpathministries

    I love your life! Good to get an update.😊

  2. I’m so impressed with your canning! All I made was blackberry jelly!

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