Five on Friday

A bright spot in the week:  We have our second licensed driver in the span of 24 hours! Sweet JJ braved the lines at the DMV once more this afternoon and passed his test by the skin of his teeth with flying colors. The license examiners recognized us from yesterday and graciously allowed him to go straight to the testing computer without having to wait for his number to be called.  He was so thrilled to pass that he even smiled for this picture.

JJ Permit

A great article to read: I’ve been wanting to share this article about Stephen Colbert for a few days but have held off because it has a bad words in it and I generally don’t like to link to profanity. HOWEVER, the points he raises have churned in my mind for days now and I’ve decided it’s worth wading through the junk to get to the beautiful, important, and truth-filled soliloquy on the nature and, yes, gift of suffering.  Read, cogitate, discuss amongst yourselves.  It’s powerful, powerful stuff.

From the freezer: Have I mentioned school starts Monday?  It’s time to get the A-game going with meal prep around here. Suppers in the fall are tricky to pull off during the week because I have to leave the house every afternoon to pick up Tommy from football practice right at the time I’d normally be prepping supper.  I spent a little time last week getting some meals in the freezer to help make that process smoother.  Most of them were new recipes so I’m not going to recommend them just yet without having tried them but this one for balsamic grilled pork kabobs was very good.  (I froze the cubed pork in the marinade, then thawed, threaded on skewers, and grilled.)  The kids were big fans and I’ll make it again.


Personal growth moment:  Remember the book I talked about last week?  John Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth?  I finished Chapter 2 this week and it talked about accountability in the areas in which you want to grow.  Because I’m really trying to put into practice the ideas he gives, I’ll be accountable here and say I made a decision two weeks ago to grow in three areas in the next six months:  spiritually by spending more time reading the Bible and praying specifically; physically by committing to a five-day-a-week exercise regimen; and personally by spending time writing either for the blog or the book project that lives in my head.  I’ve managed to generally stick to the plan and have started to see some positive gains already so I’m excited to continue growing and see what new adventures await when I get to Chapter 3 next week. Stay tuned.

Something for which to be thankful: Exercise goals notwithstanding, DID YOU HEAR THAT BLUE BELL’S COMING BACK???? And all God’s people said, “Amen.”

Have a nice day.

One response to “Five on Friday

  1. Wow – thanks for the Colbert link. What an amazing man – & what a healthy way to look at loss.

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