Five on Friday: The Inside Out Edition

Did you see Inside Out this summer? I was at a friend’s house yesterday and her teenaged daughter had the movie poster on her wall and it got me to thinking about what a blubbering mess I was when we saw it on opening weekend (Joy and Sadness holding hands just about did me in).  If you missed it or live under a rock and haven’t heard about it, get thee to the nearest Redbox when it comes out on video.  It’s worth the hour and 42 minutes of your time and is the inspiration for today’s Five.

Sadness:  My mom’s health isn’t in the best place right now and I’m sad she’s battling pain every single day.  And as much as I enjoy living in North Carolina, I would move to Oklahoma this afternoon if I could to cook meals, help clean house, drive her to appointments, and keep her company.  My dad is doing a phenomenal job at all of the above (there is rich beauty to behold in a 60+ year marriage) but I’m sad to not be physically present.

Fear: Spiders? Snakes? Reaching the end of your life without actualizing your dreams? Nope.  You wanna’ know pure, unadulterated terror?  Get in the passenger seat of your car and hand the keys to your 16-year-old.

I may not survive this phase.

Anger: I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter.  It satisfies a strong desire for ALL THE INFORMATION ALL THE TIME but that same information is irritating the living fire out of me.  The answer is, of course, deleting the app and lowering my blood pressure but I think it’s going to take an intervention and a 12-Step program before that happens.

Disgust:  Eggs Benedict, liver, ketchup on a hamburger, and watching my husband eat cold, leftover spaghetti for breakfast.

Joy: Seeing J approach his math homework more confidently, watching Tommy’s first football game of the season, listening to Travis talk excitedly about his PE class, and laughing late into the night with my husband.

Today I’m grateful for the range of emotions I’ve been given and for a Creator who uses them to build a deep character and a rich life.

Have a nice day.


4 responses to “Five on Friday: The Inside Out Edition

  1. Praying for your momma, daddy, & you. Teleporting would be pretty awesome….

  2. I haven’t seen the movie, but the entire household (aka me and Todd) want to see it. I’m afraid I’ll find too much emotion overwhelming though. I have a cold-hearted rep to maintain. That said – love your list.

    1. I feel your sadness in that my folks are on the other side of the country, too, and it’s such a helpless feeling. Which is why we make our trips out count, right?

    2. That fear will eventually go away. Unlike my fear of snakes and spiders.

    3. I adore your joys. A whole lot!

  3. I am so sad that your mom is not doing well, she is one of my life example of a woman who can and did everything! Love to all of the Greenwood clan!

  4. Love your writing, Sus. Praying right now for your mama.

    1. I need to see inside-out.
    2. Sadness: I’m sad to be essentially relegated from parent to sponsor for our two little girls, though I know they’re God’s little girls. And He loves them more than I ever could.
    3. Fear: Yassss driving with an anxious/young driver is the worst. At this point, I also have a small fear that I won’t be able to find dreams to replace the several to which I’m saying good-bye lately/soon. I fear I won’t be as useful in this second act.
    4. Anger: I get pretty angry at world events, and feel helpless to change them in any meaningful way, which makes me…mad. Also, similar to your TwitAnger, I can hardly stand some of my friends on Facebook this time of year because the posts are so polarizing.
    5. Disgust: mucus. slimy Asian food. slimy any food, actually.
    6. Joy: No particular order: Dog cuddles, Seeing my daughter show Jesus and knowing that I had at least a little bit to do with her knowing who He is, a quick overnight with dear friends, the routine of Sunday afternoon lunch, football and napping.

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