Weekend Update with a little Monday thrown in

We’ve had a productive few days around the house.  Friday night, Tommy and I worked concessions for the varsity football game for several hours (and got paid in Strawberry Lemon Twists from Smoothie King for our efforts) and then we did chores, chores, and more chores on Saturday in preparation for hosting our small group on Sunday night.

First time I was having them over which meant the house had to be REALLY picked up.  Next time? All bets are off.

“Small group” is a little misleading.  Even with two families missing, we had fifteen adults and at least that many kids. Loud and busy is what I’m saying it was. You won’t hear any complaints from me, though.  Having a house full of people laughing, talking, and enjoying good food is my happy place.  Craig cooked three pork shoulders and everyone else brought sides.  My favorite was the homemade mac and cheese my friend Shannon brought. Oh, and the green bean casserole. And the apple cake. And the…

Did I mention I was avoiding wheat?


Just as Sunday night was all about fun, Monday morning was about work.  I’d promised Leslie, the incoming chair of my church’s 2017 women’s conference, I’d turn over all the files to her by August 31 and had procrastinated until the absolute last minute getting everything together.  I spent several hours in our planning office gathering paperwork and organizing it for the master event notebook and was about to walk out when I remembered that reflection allows experiences to move from being life markers to life makers (Chapter 4, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth) so I took a minute to sit and think about what the Lord taught me through leading the project and wrote a note of encouragement (and LOTS of advice) to Leslie as she begins a great growth experience in her own life.

I’d love to say there were deep thoughts by Jack Handy in her note but reflection is NOT my thing. I do not come from a family of navel gazers and, besides, who has time to think all the deep thoughts?  There’s laundry to do! Ugh, this chapter has stretched my feeble brain.

And then I tucked the note in the book and skipped merrily out of the building and felt FREE! FREE! FREE! and came home and ate celebratory tacos.

Have a nice day.


2 responses to “Weekend Update with a little Monday thrown in

  1. It is lovely (and amusing, and thought provoking) to have you posting again! I am sorry to hear that your mom is still in pain, but so encouraging to hear how well your dad is taking care of her. Keep the faith with those teenage drivers, we lived through our first one!

  2. So happy you’re back to blogging! Sorry about your mother but so good hearing how well your family is otherwise doing.

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