Five on Almost Saturday

You’ll have to forgive any typos since I am typing without the use of my left index finger and muscle memory is fighting shifting my middle finger a quarter-inch to the right on the keyboard.  I had a little bit of an industrial accident yesterday while chopping an oddly shaped chunk of cabbage and wound up slicing a little more than I’d intended. I took one look at my finger and knew it was a job for the professionals so I wrapped it with a paper towel and drove myself to urgent care (fortunately just up the road) and they took me right back and started cleaning it out while I practiced not using all my reserved words because, man, did it hurt.


Fortunately, it was a fairly clean cut and they were able to Steri-strip it all back together and I managed to avoid a tetanus shot because I remembered the magic answer to that question is “yes, I’ve had one within the last 5 years” and because I also stressed I was chopping an *organic* cabbage and surely that counted for something, right?

I wasn’t the only one visiting the doctor this week.  Stella started acting a little puny (as in refusing food and yakking in the yard) so I took her to the vet and $300 later found out she had pancreatitis. The vet asked me if she was getting too many fatty treats and I told him I didn’t think so but when I got home and started asking the family if they’d been giving her anything unusual, turns out that three of us had given her a peanut butter filled bone four days in a row.


She’s better now and back to eating socks, Legos, and my pretty flower arrangements in the den, and we’ve all learned our (expensive) lesson.


Have you ever come across a verse in your Bible and think, “I have never read this before in my life.  Is it new?  Did someone put it in there while I wasn’t looking?” I’ve been reading and underlining my Bible since I was 7 years old and just yesterday noticed I Thessalonians 4:11.

And make it your ambition to lead a quiet life (emphasis added) and attend to your own business and work with your hands just as we commanded you.

Oh, that’s a fascinating charge in light of today’s social media driven world.  I don’t know that I can say it has been my ambition to lead that kind of life.  What did Paul mean?  What does a quiet life look like? Where do I need to make a change? (And don’t get me started on “attend to your own business” Who doesn’t love a good train wreck?)

I’m memorizing that verse this week and reflecting on it.  No insights yet but wanted to share.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned assembling a bunch of make-ahead meals for the freezer. I tried one of them this last week, Asian Honey Sesame Chicken, and it was good enough to pass on.  After thawing the tenders (use whatever you prefer), I cut them into small chunks and stir fried in a wok with a little canola oil and added steamed broccoli, some red pepper flakes, and finished it with a sprinkle of rice wine vinegar and sesame oil.


The kids really liked it and I’ll make it again.

My wonderful hairdresser (who works MIRACLES, I tell you) asked me this week if I was thinking about ever going back to my natural color.  She was quick to clarify that she certainly didn’t want to talk herself out of job security but was honor bound to tell me that if I wanted to go “natural”, I was now sufficiently gray that it wouldn’t look weird. And I said, “Let’s go for the caramel highlights and, by the way, WE WILL NEVER SPEAK OF THIS AGAIN.”



And dye-ing.

Have a nice day.


3 responses to “Five on Almost Saturday

  1. Cute hair!!!!

    So glad you avoided stitches– you see, to me that would just be an indication that I should never cook again. 🙂 I know some people like to cook (why???). But I prefer eating.

    Love that verse. I was writing in my journal today about Syria and about all of the horrible things going on in the world, and I was praying that God would show me where my patch of grass should be in the realm of care and concern and community. I get so overwhelmed by the noise of all the sadness, Susan. I think my way of leading a quiet life might mean to be on social media less and listening for that still small voice to lead me where he wants me to be.

  2. Our expensive lesson was with socks. Twice. In total two major abdo surgeries, several fancy bits of imaging, 4 nights as an inpatient and more tablets than the dog food we were trying to hide it in. Guess which dumb dog will still eat socks given half the chance. Ps love pet insurance, have claimed back nearly twenty times what we have spent!

  3. I am sooo with you on the ‘natural’ color. Sun kissed highlights are my natural color : ) So with all the Carolina humidity do you find longer or shorter hair easier to cope with? I was thinking of going back to a shorter cut because my hair is alot to manage in this humidity, but my daughter told me her short cut was harder than long, so now I’m surveying people on the topic. Glad you didn’t do more damage to your finger. We could be sisters there.

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