An “Ask Sus” Edition of Five on Friday

Sus, where’ve ya’ been?

We went to Western North Carolina to visit my inlaws for the long Labor Day weekend and spent some time breathing in fresh mountain air, wandering flea markets and craft fairs (Susan), playing golf (Craig) and generally being lazy bums (the kids).


Oh, and we watched the Hogs win their season opener.  WOO PIG SOOIE!


That looks like fun, Sus.  Browsing around in small towns is one of my favorite things to do.  Did you find anything interesting while you were out shopping?

I love nosing around thrift stores and antique malls and there’s a good one just outside of Waynesville (next to Thad Wood’s Auctions).  There’s so much stuff piled everywhere that I usually go in with something specific in mind so as not to get overwhelmed, and this time I had cookbooks on the brain.  I especially love books written prior to the mid-1950s and I found two this time – one published in 1942 and the second was a reprint of a 1908 Rumsford  cookbook ($1.50 – SCORE). As I headed to the checkout counter, I spotted another one that looked interesting and even though it was outside of my usual collecting range, I bought it for the cover alone.


It goes without saying that if I’m ever caught out in public matching my wallpaper, please stop me by whatever means necessary.

Craig did not share my love for the flea market (he sat in the rocking chairs by the front door) but he got over the painful experience quickly when I suggested we stop at the bakery/apple orchard store conveniently located across the highway.  He said we absolutely needed some apple turnovers.

And apple muffins.

And cider donuts.

And maybe some apple cider, too.

And how about an apple cake?



How’s that diet going, Sus?

Next question.

Did you buy any, oh, you know, APPLES at the apple orchard?

Yes, I bought almost a bushel of apples because they had a sale and I am powerless in the presence of a bulk discount.  Add that to the box and a half of apples my father-in-law graciously picked and had waiting for me, I came home with over fifty pounds of fruit that I’ve spent the last four days peeling, coring, chopping and preserving.

Oh, so *that’s* why you haven’t blogged this week?

Yep, basically my kitchen has looked like this every day (and just imagine the sticky mess on the floors and the sink piled high with dishes just out of view).


But the house smelled fantastic and as of yesterday I put up 11 quarts of applesauce, 4 quarts of apple pie filling, 8 half-pints each of apple jelly and apple pie jam, one cobbler, and a mess of apple butter.


And I still have 6 pounds left.

Serenity now.

Have a nice day. 


3 responses to “An “Ask Sus” Edition of Five on Friday

  1. You’re the apple of my eye.

  2. Wow. You are very industrious Sus! And the time away sounds lovely. Especially the Hogs win. WPS!!

  3. I probably mentioned this before, but it’s been a while & I know neither of us remember – I used to live in Waynesville a while back. I’m from Hickory, but my husband & I lived in Weaverville & then Waynesville for about 5 years while he was in school at UNC-A & Western Carolina. I worked in Asheville that whole time (it was a bit of a commute). I do NOT remember this apple place, it must have opened after we moved in 1997. Thank goodness! 🙂

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