New Year, New Adventures, Same Me

I’m still on Chapter 5 of my growth project book and I think that’s where we’re going to leave it.  It’s a new year and I’m wiping the slate clean on a couple of books that didn’t get finished and a quilt project that suffered from my inability to coordinate any colors outside out neutrals.  I’m also closing up the non-stop sugar buffet that lasted between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It was fun while it lasted, kids.

And I’ve got 9 everlasting pounds on my thighs to prove it. 

There are many happenings at Casa de Carpool.  We went to Oklahoma to see my family for the holidays and had a wonderful time.  My mom is doing SO MUCH BETTER and it has made all things right in my world to see her moving around, to see her smile, and hear her laugh.

I hadn’t heard her laugh for over a year and when she did, it was the most beautiful sound in the world.

It was sweet to see the relief in my daddy’s spirit that she has improved as well.  He has been a wonderful caretaker to her, so attentive.  He’s long carried an emotional anguish seeing her in physical pain and his face is now aglow.  God is good and we had a very special moment on Christmas Day as the whole family gathered and prayed to thank Him for the gift of her healing.

Our trip back was fairly uneventful.  My back was a little stiff from sitting in the car but I didn’t think too much of it.  When it was still sore a couple of days later, I scheduled a deep tissue massage and BOY WAS THAT THE WRONG THING TO DO.

The next day the muscles started pulling whenever I leaned forward and then they started tweaking when I walked and by Saturday morning, I couldn’t sit, stand, or put on my clothes without Craig helping.  We went to Urgent Care and the PA diagnosed a strained back (hmphhh, could’ve made it sound more serious), gave me some delightful drugs and told me to rest for a few days. Saturday through Tuesday I’ve been pretty much on the heating pad and in the recliner. I made big improvements yesterday and today I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In other news, I *do* have a story to tell about a project I’m working on right now but that’s easily a thousand word post and I still don’t have my brain wrapped around what I want to share. The story is flat-out crazy and I’m smack in the middle of it but it’s all good and I’m excited to tell you what’s going on when the time is appropriate.

Please pray that I’d be wise.

Oh! And I have to tell you about the dumpster I found myself in yesterday but that story will also have to wait because, first, I have to download pictures.

Yes, I took pictures.  I may not have written a post in two months but all three of you who still read are never far from my thoughts and I knew you’d need visuals for this one.

That’s all for today.  Not sure what my publishing schedule is going to look like this year but if you hang around, something’s bound to show up.  (There’s a subscribe button at the top where you can have new posts delivered to your inbox if you’d like.)

Happy New Year, friends.  You are loved.

Have a nice day.

13 responses to “New Year, New Adventures, Same Me

  1. I’m so pleased that your mom is doing better. Praise the Lord! And I hope you are feeling better soon, too. So nice to hear from you 😊 !

  2. So glad to hear your mama is better. And sweet to picture the praying family, too. Happy new year!

  3. Sally, who has really missed your posts

    Your words paint the pictures so well. Not that I don’t want to see Taco Day…

  4. So happy to hear that your Mom is doing better! Cannot wait to hear about dumpster diving adventure! Happy New Year and many blessings!

  5. I get a smile each time I see your blog in my email … so please keep writing about your world — you do it so well!

  6. Had high hopes of seeing you Christmas Eve – but understand you not wanting to travel another 60+ miles. You and all the Greenwoods are loved and missed. I always read your blog and pass it on to B. 💓

  7. Giggling and smiling from one who hasn’t been able to do so for so long? Priceless,indeed. Glad you’re back typing away. Missed ya.

  8. You can’t just leave us hanging with the temptation of dumpster photos and adoption story! Always love it when you write a little something in space when it fits. : )

  9. Good to hear from you. Feliz ano nuevo! Say hi to Uncle Dick and Aunt Lahoma. I’m so glad she’s doing better.

  10. I’m so glad you had a wonderful family Christmas, and to hear your mom is doing better. In other news, there is a really good possibility I will be in Raleigh in the very near future. I would love to meet you in person if something works with your schedule : ) I’ll email you when it’s a sure thing. Happy new year!

  11. Hey. Sorry about your back..hope you are feeling better. So jazzed about your mama rocking the 100% healthy. Miss seeing you IRL. ❤

  12. Can’t wait to hear all about 2016 CPQ adventures! Subscribing away!

  13. Thrilled to see you posting again. Love, love your spin on life. You have a wonderful way to roll with things. 💁Our Lord is good and I join you in praising Him for hearing our pleas for healing of your mom.

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