Monday Musings. On Tuesday. Because it’s not Monday.

A few thoughts to share, in no particular order:

Pineapple lemonade is my new favorite thing. I made some for a women’s event I had at my house last week and it was well received.  It’s easy to make – throw a peeled, cored pineapple into the food processor along with the juice of four lemons and then add the mixture to some simple syrup and let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours.  Strain, add ice water to make two quarts, and serve.

Since it was a girls-only party, I got a little Pinterest-y and used mason jars and tied different colors of ribbon around the necks so it would be easier to keep track of the rightful owner.


I did my first Whole30 and lost 11 pounds.  And I’m about to gain them all back binge-eating Hershey Nuggets with Almonds.

My cousin came to town. My mom’s side of the family is a fertile bunch and, as a result, I have 15 first cousins.  One of them, Eddie, who is ten years older than I am, stopped by Sunday afternoon and we had the best time sitting out on the back deck catching up on all the aunts and uncles and telling stories about our grandparents.  It made my heart happy to talk about the people we love.  I’m so blessed to have such a loving extended family.


I bought my first pair of boyfriend jeans. I realize that people have been wearing them for at least two years now but it takes me that long to decide if a trend is for me and I finally got up the nerve to wear them as intended and Craig gave me the side eye because in his mind they come dangerously close to capris but I gave him a little “don’t mess with me” head wag and I think we’ve come to an understanding.


I recently flunked a test. I went in for my annual cram-o-gram and the radiologist didn’t like what she saw so she asked me to come back for a repeat test and they didn’t like that view either.  Then I had an ultrasound and the doc said she wanted an even closer look so last week I went in for a stereotactic biopsy which basically involves laying on a table that’s jacked up near the ceiling while a certain part of your anatomy hangs through a hole in said table so they can do what needs to be done. (Here is a visual in case my stellar descriptive skills don’t do it justice.)


Because I am basically the opposite of Dolly Parton, and due to a challenging tumor location (near the chest wall), after an hour of being *way* more up close and personal with people than is typical for this introvert, they decided the biopsy route wasn’t going to work so they punted on the procedure and we are now proceeding directly to surgery.  This will happen two weeks from today. I am not concerned about what they will find but am a little apprehensive about the surgery itself because it will basically involved nakedness and a room full of people and that makes me want to crawl under a rock.

But I shall pull up my big girl panties and deal with it because that’s what we do.

Pineapple lemonade and more chocolate will surely help as well.

Have a nice day.

7 responses to “Monday Musings. On Tuesday. Because it’s not Monday.

  1. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but you’ll probably have to remove your big girl panties for the surgery. Chocolate helps everything and pineapple lemonade sounds like all that. Praying for you. xoxo

  2. Cannot un-see that last pic.

    • I put that in just for you.

      • I have to comment that I thought the table was entertaining enough as it is, but after clicking on the photo to get a better view and seeing that the file is named “boobtable,” I now have a new favorite portion of this post. (And it is decidedly not the fact that you will be having surgery. Praying for you, friend.)

  3. I have been on that table by the ceiling and it was the most demoralizing, agony-making event of my life. If you made it through that without being emotionally scarred for life, surgery will be a piece of cake! I had 3 surgeries in all. This August will be my 3 yr cancer-free anniversary. I wish and pay for the best of outcomes for you!

  4. *pray
    If I could pay for best outcomes, I wouldn’t have these saddlebags.

  5. The lemonade sounds so good. I’m going to give it a try. I’m praying all goes well with your surgery, and for a good report. I’ve had the biopsies but no surgeries. Also, the boyfriend jeans are working for you!

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