Carpool Queen is a stay at home mom that lives in North Carolina, drinks coffee by the quart, and fights a losing battle against the gray hair that sprouted the second the doctor said “It’s triplets!”

Need to ask her a question but don’t want the entire world to see what it is?  Email her at carpoolqueen@live.com.

Want to know what she ate for lunch?  Follow @carpoolqueen on Twitter.

6 responses to “About

  1. Well I’m going to kick things off by leaving a comment here, because when I read “triplets” I actually said the word out loud. You go girl!!!
    I have twins…. having triplets…..awesome!

    I did not even start drinking coffee till our twins came. By the gallon now!

  2. Triplets? As in, 3?

    Nice to meet you!

  3. Hi there – new to blogging so I’m winding my way through the blogosphere to do my own little version of a virtual meet and greet. Love your style chica! I have twins and a patch of gray hair that I like to refer to as my soul patch.

  4. Just found you. Congrats on triplets and you are so much braver than I. I have two boys – 16 months apart, never again.

  5. Great to read about the happenings in your family. I reached you by following on from a blog I read.

  6. Hello Mrs. CPQ,

    I nominated you for the Booker Award. Can’t wait to hear your list of faves, should you choose to participate.


    Talli from enJOYin Life

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