We survived the 80s.

We survived big hair.

We survived bad breakups.

Heck, we even survived Chuck E. Cheese’s yesterday.

Whimzie and I had plans for celebrating our 40th birthdays together with a girls’ getaway weekend, but we couldn’t quite make that happen this year, so we decided to make the last two days count.

We stayed up late, made Christmas cornbread to go with our red beans and rice, wandered the bookstore, laughed and cried.

And somewhere in that mix of joy and grief, I realized that through all that life brought our way in our thirties (and between the two of us, we’ve pretty much run the gamut), amazingly, our friendship had survived.

And thrived.

Here’s to our 40s, friend.

Cue the Gloria Gaynor.


17 responses to “Survivors

  1. Nothing better than a through-thick-and-thin friend. What a blessing!

  2. So glad you had fun at Chuck’s. I am QUITE impressed with the picture. Almost makes me want to go. Almost.

  3. Love it!! Love it all! The Chuckie Cheese pic and especially precious friendships.

  4. What a wonderful friendship! Even if you had to celebrate in such mundane ways, you had your best friend to celebrate with. You are blessed!

  5. I want to know how two grown women can fit on that little Chuck E Cheese bench to take that picture…geez my little girl and I barely fit on it…

    Cute picture!! You need to put it on your fridge


  6. God sends us the people we need. Even the annoying ones serve the sharpen the tool. I’m glad you have each other.

  7. I love the picture! And so glad that you 2 wonderful gals got have a great time together!

  8. Just wondering what I must do to make your “local fiends” list? Whoops, that was a typing-everything-w/my left-hand” slip… I REALLY meant “FRIENDS”! Kind of like in 6th grade… “are you on Suz’s list of friends? No? Oh, too bad…” LOL!

  9. I love that! How precious.

  10. That picture is awesome! I’m simply impressed that you survived Chunky Cheezes with 6 kids…

  11. So happy y’all had a good chunk of time to be together.

    Nothing says 40 and friendship like a Best Friends picture at Chucky Cheese….

  12. Only one word to say:

    Awesome! 🙂

  13. Love it 🙂 that picture is fantastic!

  14. oh i love friendships that “go now, go” and survive all manner of life’s curve balls…

    I have, Gayle, 13 years we’ve been friends…we even have a Chucky Jesus pic, too.

    Happy 40th to both of you!

  15. Such a great picture! This post makes my heart smile so much for both of you.

  16. So I’m not even going to pretend that I’ve caught up on your blog…but as I was skimming through to see what was of the utmost importance to read, THIS post caught my eye.

    My eye was right.

    Precious preciousness.

    Friends that will go the distance with you, through life’s ups and downs, will take your heart and not always your words (which don’t always come out right), forgive, love, cry with you, roll on the floor laugh with you, those who you’ll let see you in sweatpants and bed hair and face….Thank God for them.

    So glad you two have eachother’s friendship!

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