Open Mic Tuesday

I’ve started four posts this morning and none of them are flowing.Β  I’ve got random bits of randomness about Starbucks, shopping, the inordinate amount of time that it took to prepare chicken and dumplings last night, my four successive bad hair days, and some rather deep and melancholic thoughts on turning 40.

What’s on your mind today?

The floor is yours.

Have a nice day.


33 responses to “Open Mic Tuesday

  1. I was just thinking about how it’s been 6 days since I’ve even posted, so you’re doing better than I am. Also, I am wondering what kind of tasty drink to mix up for friends coming over tonight. Know any good ones?

    • I’m a big fan of freezing cranberries in ice cubes and plunking them into pomegranate or cranberry punch.

      So festive.

      And Martha-esque.

  2. food, what else? Ever made a prime rib? I need a recipe!

    • I am not allowed to touch expensive cuts of meat. I am the Hamburger Helper Queen.

      Mr. CPQ, however, has been known to cook a mean prime rib coated with lots of dry spices and slow roasted on his grill.



  3. 40 shmorty….you are fabulous: Beautiful, smart, loving, fun, witty…and an amazing friend. Looking forward to celebrating with you!

  4. Feeliiiiiiiiiiiiiings,
    nothing more than feeliiiiiiiiiiiiiings.
    Trying to forget myyyyyy
    feelings of loooooooove.

    thump, thump

    Hey, is this thing on?

  5. Notned makes me laugh every time he comments!

    40, huh? I pouted from the day I turned 39 until the big 40. After that, I got over myself.

    The 40’s have been fun…and freeing…

    It has provided this attitude of ‘I really don’t have to put up with that anymore’. Whatever ‘that’ may be. I’m not rude or anything, but the years of going overboard to please people have left the building. The stress that came with all the pleasing also left. (this is the freeing part)

    All that to say…it’s not bad, at all. Welcome to the club!

  6. I’m thinking that I’ll probably find out which day is actually your birthday when your Facebook account blows up. Then I’ll know.

    I’m thinking about the envelope I’m excited to open on Christmas Day. It’s ready, baby.

    I’m thinking about this crick in my neck that is killing me.

    And I’m thinking about the fun girl’s day I’m going to have tomorrow with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and Anna Grace. Wondering if Princess and the Frog is going to be any better than Avatar. (I was lost on why everyone likes it).

    Big fan of the open mike, btw. Fun idea, birthday girl.

  7. Only 40? You are a spring chicken!!!

  8. Oh to be turning 40 again. πŸ™‚ Actually, I like the 40’s. The kiddies were/are at fun ages. . . makes a difference.
    I agree with Tracey. That 40’s confidence is so freeing.

  9. This happens to me more than a flowy post does.

    I’ll let imnotned take the mic again…

  10. I’m trying not to feel guilty for letting an old woman cut in front of me in a long line of traffic only to watch her hit the car in front of her as she was waving thank you to me…

    Didn’t quite know how to blog about that one either…


  11. I am at the library right now trying to kill some time until I have to pick up daughter from basketball. I love the library, but at times it is weird here. Right now is one of those times. I think someone was reading ‘June’ over my shoulder…….

  12. I’ll comment as soon as I can quit giggling about Amy Ro.’s comment. Anywayyy … I’ve posted a great -AND EASY- chicken and dumpling recipe. Try that next time.

  13. We just got home from NYC and I’m thinking about the enormous chocolate Christmas tree we saw in the Hilton Hotel Lobby conveniently placed just outside of Starbucks. It had chocolate presents underneath and seriously…it was a real live tree dipped in chocolate.

    I should be thinking about my grocery list, a package I ordered for my daughter that is not yet here, cleaning bathrooms for company, and I’m sure more. But I think I’ll just think about the chocolate tree instead. Much more fun.

    40 is really not so very bad. In fact the 40s are great up until about 46 at which point your body will go a little psycho. But you’ve got years before you need worry about that.

    • Years before I need to worry? How about six more years of worrying about what comes next?

      I’m already a little mentally psycho….I don’t need my body deciding to join in on the fun….

  14. Should I attempt to mail a package today at the post office that doesn’t have to be there by Christmas? I have time off from work, so now is good for me, but the liiiines 😦

    How cool it was that my 10 yr old DD found a cute ladybug necklace today at Stein Mart, so I drove across the parking lot to Jo-Ann’s Fabrics and slipped my son some cash to walk over and pick it up and pretend to be waiting in the car the whole time we shopped. He was happy to be part of the trickery.

  15. I’m thinking seriously is it not Christmas yet? I’m also thinking it’s been an eternity since my older kids have been in school. I’m thinking I’m thankful that the sun is shining and my kids can play outside today. I’m thinking that I really need to start my post-holiday diet asap but realistically it probably won’t happen until post – holidays. I’m also thinking that I just want to take shower one day without being interrupted.

  16. to travel, or not to travel — that is the big question of the day at our house. his side celebrates on thurs, w/ means that if we want to join the festivities, tomorrow is travel day or bust. but w/ all that we’ve had going on, we haven’t even been able to even THINK about it ’til sev. days ago. and we’ve been on the fence ever since then — b/c we still have a ton going on (not just trying to get settled, but trying to rent the other place ASAP, big work project i turned in yesterday, yadda yadda). anyway, we’re in motion in that direction, but not terribly quickly, & not w/o feeling overwhelmed w/ trying to pull it all together in a day.
    one moment at a time . . .
    one moment at a time . . .
    hope you guys have a great week celebrating,

  17. I’m so excited to be HOME!!!!

    And that Christmas is in just a few days!

    And that your birthday is Christmas Eve!

    And that LuLu, aka Squishy Baby turns ONE on Sunday!

  18. Mostly I’m thinking about the salted caramel chocolate cake my sister just made us. And about how fantastic it is to have a pastry chef for a sister. I highly recommend it. Although my thighs may beg to differ. . .

  19. All day long I’ve been bugged by something…is it “open mike” or “open mic”?

    I bet it’s “mic”, but that looked like it was pronounced “mick” and that irritated the hound out of me.

    These are the things that keep me up at night….

    • Well the music teacher can take this one…

      Since it is short for microphone and not Michael I am pretty sure it is “mic” not “mike”…

      Now you can get a good night’s sleep…your welcome.


      • Okay, I changed it….I guess if it was “Open Mike Tuesday”, it might be a little gruesome for Mike who was getting opened up.

        Now I can sleep in peace.

        Thanks, Amy!

  20. I agree with Joyce that the forties are great. You are old enough that your children aren’t toddlers (or at least I was) but young enough that you have some time before the weirdnesses come over your body (and possible mind). Plus, forty sounds like a baby to a fifty-seven year old. Unsolicited advice? No matter how much you (well, not specifically YOU) hate your body at forty, you will so wish you had it later on! πŸ™‚

    I’m thinking about my daughter coming home tomorrow and all of her high school girls coming for dinner tomorrow night (they are late twenties in age now) and then late tomorrow night, my son, his wife and our fifteen month old granddaughter will arrive. Let the fun begin.

  21. This was a brilliant idea! i have about 8 misfires myself.

    Why I’m not mailing Christmas cards…too short of a post (cause I don’t wanna)
    What is wrong with my hair …too long of a post (everything- what’s up with that)
    What I want for Christmas… too selfish
    (again, the answer is everything)

    and more like that. glad you came up with an alternative

  22. Um…how about…I’m late to the party, but I’m already 40, so I guess it doesn’t matter???

    I know. lame.

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