Cheap Sunglasses

We were leaving for church yesterday and Mr. CPQ tossed my sunglasses to me as we were headed out the door.  I have no idea where he found them since I have this innate ability to lose sunglasses within two hours of purchase.

He, however, knows where his are at all times because he’s cool and wears them every day as he drives around town and I never wear mine because I don’t know where the last 8,537 pairs are that I bought and have a flock of crows’/crow’s feet to prove it.

I am so irresponsible with shades (breaking, losing, sitting on them) that I’ve self-imposed a $10 limit on their purchase price and, really, shouldn’t we just be honest and call it a rental agreement and usually wind up buying them off the circular display at the Exxon on the side of whatever highway I find myself during my summer travels.  Last week, however, when I was at the eye doctor’s office I saw this pair of Kate Spade sunglasses that I thought were perfect for me so as we walked into Sunday School I was lobbying the powers that be pretty hard for an upgrade.

It didn’t help that as I was making my case, I tossed my purse onto the floor beside my chair and promptly proceeded to step on the pair that had fallen out.

Maybe Kate has a new line debuting at Circle K.

Have a nice day.


14 responses to “Cheap Sunglasses

  1. Ouch. Those are cute though. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet here one of these days and buy me some prescription sunglasses.

  2. Well, I’m right there with you. I lost two very expensive pair of sunglasses when we first moved back last summer. One pair I kind of remember leaving somewhere but the other, not a clue. I dumped every bag, purse, suitcase, and pocket and nada. So sad because I loved them. I have a pair that I wear that my hubs won at a meeting. They’re okay but not pretty like my others were. Hubs is reluctant to have me purchase a nice new expensive pair because of the above. I’ve hinted often but so far he hasn’t caved. He still has ray bans that are 30 years old. And several other nice sunglasses too, and he always knows exactly where they are. He never misplaces things. It’s annoying : )

  3. Just bought myself another new pair at Target for $9.99. We’ve been shopping for a new car lately and on two separate occasions with 2 separate paris of sungalsses, I left them in cars I test drove. So, thanks to me, a car dealership is giving away free sunglasses with the purchase of a new car.

  4. Platernal.

    But I think that what you’re saving in splenda and 1/2 expenses bumps you up to a pair.

    Though you didn’t do yourself any favors with the timing of the breakage, did you ?

  5. I left my brand new pair on the treadmill at physical therapy last week… thankfully they were still there when I went to retrieve them. 😉

  6. Ever since I started buying cheap Target glasses, I stopped losing them…as a matter of fact, I may “loose” my current pair. It been a couple years.

  7. I am SO like that! It’s amazing that I can keep my glasses in decent condition since I sure can’t do that with sunglasses (IF I don’t lose them first).
    Steve gets $4.97 sunglasses at Walmart back in the fishing gear department… they are polarized & they have different styles. So I think the next time I’m in Walmart, I’ll be heading back to the fishing gear department! Wonder if Kate Spade fishes?

  8. Last line. ROTFL. :>)

  9. haha that’s hilarious, seriously.

    And I do the same thing – Adam wont let me spend more than $20 — dont let him find out your limit is $10!

  10. Here’s a trick if you have a health savings account. Buy them at your eye doctor’s office. I did this quite by accident. I paid the bill for the kids’ visits and bought myself a good polarized pair of kate spade’s. I put the bill thru under the plan, forgetting that I got the sunglasses, and it went through. Another thought–Costco!! I saw a fabulous pair there for $60 the other day. They’re still calling my name. I wish those silly voices would stop!! And I did used to lose sunglasses all.the.time. Since I bought a good pair, however, I don’t!

  11. I cannot live without sunglasses. I finally got a small basket and put it right next to the door I come in; that way, first thing I do when I get home is take them off my head and put them in the basket, and last thing before I leave the house is grab a pair for that day. Also – get a hard case to put them in while in your car/purse! 🙂

  12. I haven’t worn my fancy sunglasses since the boy bumped them off my head while I loaded him in the carseat. I caught them, then proceeded to drop them 2 seconds later.

  13. Graveyard mall.
    They have 10 pairs for $10 on special frequently. I got them, and liked all of the ones that I got (besides, it’s 10 pairs that don’t look like they’re from 1982 with neon frames and black arms!). I recommend checking it out if you lose/scratch/maim yours half as often as I do.

    (There may still be a pair of glow-in-the-dark shades on the ride inside Epcot that looks all nifty and purplish in the daylight which may or may not be the first pair that I lost…)

  14. wondering where my 89,000 lost pairs went to.

    sheez. feelin’ your pain.

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