A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I left the boys at their grandparents’ house and drove back to Raleigh yesterday.  I always have mixed emotions when they stay there without me.  I feel guilty for leaving them, anxious for them to behave appropriately every.single.minute, worried that the grownups will have the strength to care for Travis for an extended period of time, and concerned that twenty years from now one of them will be on a therapy couch telling their counselor about their abandonment issues.

Or maybe I should be the one on the therapy couch.

ANYWAY, the point of this story is to say that I didn’t realize until I pulled into my driveway four hours later that I had not turned the radio on the entire drive and, other than a couple of phone calls,  had enjoyed four hours of complete and utter silence.


I got home a little before six, jumped in the shower and threw on some going out clothes and met Heather at the hospital where we went to welcome our friend Rebecca’s freshly hatched baby to the world.

Isn’t she beautiful? I had fun holding her and listening to those sweet little baby sighs, and then Heather had to pry her out of my arms I returned her before the urge to sneak her out of the hospital got too strong.

And then Mr. CPQ and I went out to eat a lovely meal at a grown-up restaurant  with cloth napkins and I remembered why I was done having babies.

Have a nice day.


11 responses to “A little bit of this, a little bit of that

  1. I find myself driving around town without the radio on all the time (especially when the kids aren’t with me)…I find that the older I get, the more I enjoy silence.

  2. When the “grands” come over here one at a time, they always say, “It’s so quiet here”… I guess we are accustomed to quiet, but I remember the days of “bliss time” when it was quiet only after the kids were in bed.
    How long do you have “alone”? I hope you have a great time! Any lunch dates open? Like, Friday?

  3. Or Thur. early (have to be somewhere @ 1 PM)… even though I’m still not one of your “local friends”…

  4. It was a fun time… having babies… but when the time has passed… more fun times are ahead!

  5. I miss the baby years sometimes and then I sleep for 8 hours straight, and get over it.

  6. Nothing like a little fine dining to put things in perspective : ) Enjoy this time…I have always found that everyone is better for it.

  7. Yes, I rarely turn the radio on in the car these days. Surprisingly, it feels somewhat liberating! I could listen to anything I want, but chose to just listen to my own thoughts instead…

    Have a nice break!

  8. The freshly hatched ones are so nice to snuggle!

    Sometimes on the way to dance class the kids fall asleep & I enjoy driving in the still silence.

  9. When we all go to our separate corners, we all come out stronger… peace, quite and linen napkins help subside the guilt.

  10. Can totally relate to this. My kids just spent their first weekend with my in-laws. I was worried about how they would behave and if they would wear Ryan’s parents out. But once we got to NYC, and it was just me and my hubby, I was able to relax and just enjoy our one-on-one time. We actually went to an art museum and browsed just the two of us. Other than my aching feet from all that walking, it was bliss. I’m done feeling guilty about wanting (and needing) that. Hope your time was great too. 🙂

  11. Now that my teen sits up front with me and has learned all the stations’ numbers that play songs he likes, he is INCESSANTLY changing the station while I drive. I’ve gotten to where I savor the silence.

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